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STONEHENGE MEDIA is a Los Angeles-based video production company that was founded in 2000 by writer-producer MICHAEL KURCFELD. The company was based on the premise that, thanks to ever-newer tools, digital-video segments and full-length documentaries of high quality can be created for any outlet (broadcast television, DVD, the Internet) at costs much lower than the recent standard rates at larger production houses. It was also predicated on the idea that old and new media are converging in ways that will require experience in both worlds and the ability to innovate and adapt across that divide. STONEHENGE MEDIA takes its name from the very very old, to contrast with and play on the ephemerality, flux and dynamism of the very very new.

STONEHENGE has focussed primarily on arts and cinema as its subjects — producing profiles of directors, writers, actors and artists as well as coverage of new film releases, film- & TV-production behind-the-scenes, film festivals, and cutting-edge museum exhibitions. One particular strength of STONEHENGE is its intelligent and thorough interviews with the best talents of cinema and art in our time. In over 500 interviews we have unveiled the spirit and method of the creative process. Another strength is its dedication to keeping up with the latest trends in Web content, the frontier of creative programming.

Working with seasoned professionals in editing, audio, graphics, scoring, programming and other phases of production, while remaining a small core entity, STONEHENGE MEDIA has satisfied such high-profile clients as PBS, Bravo, E!, The New York Times, Yahoo, Hollywood.com, New Yorker Films, 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment, RealNetworks, IFC, IFILM, Getty Images, ArtInfo and others... while keeping its costs in line with ever-tightening budgets.

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